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Learning Communities

MobiUs Foundation offers workshops, retreats and developmental programs for people who wish to improve their capacity to initiate, lead and accelerate the development (and growth) of the projects they are involved in. We have a special interest in Commons initiatives.


Our offerings are aimed to draw out the inner wisdom of people, by exploring new perspectives, develop critical thinking and conscious awareness of self.


We work on the basis of equality and learning through exchange.


If you want connect to people that are involved in projects that create new ways of living together and working together and to develop your capacity for personal leadership in this field, join us! ​

Courses & Events

November 2021

25 & 26 November, 2021


Building Healthy Communities

2 day workshop about developing Commons


Introduction workshop about developing commons and community dialogue.

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April 2022

30 April - 7 May, 2022

The essence of developing Commons, 7 day retreat


In the fall of 2021 MobiUs invites a small group of people (8 to 10 people) to spend a week exploring new perspectives around Commons and new ways to shape Commons.

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