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The essence of developing Commons, 4 day retreat



MobiUs Foundation focuses on the development of Commons and supports the growth of people involved in Commons. To this end, we initiate encounters between people in a nourishing environment. For us, a Commons means: everything of common and shared interest.

Safe, Secure and Caring are core values ​​that we live by. Both in our offerings as in the way we approach developing Commons.

In our view, many of the issues we face today require a Commons orientation, such as our food supply, clean water, energy supply, healthcare, care for the earth, etc. 


In April 2023, MobiUs invites a group of approx. 8 people to jointly explore new perspectives around Commons and new ways of shaping Commons. To learn how to build collaborations that cross traditional boundaries - an important key in the transition to more resilient communities.


The week is built around sharing experience and learning by doing. Entering new unexplored territory requires unity of self, team and organization. Like anything in life where unity of body, mind and soul is needed to be able to push boundaries permanently and reliably.
Therefore, we start from doing inner work: revisiting your own essence, peel back what you aspire, recognizing the core of what drives you. From there we will move outward, building up step-by-step how you can give substance to the next expression of the Commons you are involved in or dream about.


For whom?
People who are excited about or involved in the creation of Commons. People who are daring and wanting to explore boundaries. Face new perspectives. Turn themselves inside out. Tackle dormant issues. Totally re-grasp the core of who and what you are, individually and together.

This retreat will help you explore new perspectives and develop your capability so you get clarity on the next step of the Commons you are involved in or dream about and how to shape that.

If this program appeals to you, you are more than welcome to join.



The essence of developing Commons



April 19 - 22, 2023


Les Bergerons, France


For participation we ask a contribution of € 800,- for private individuals and 

€ 1,200 (ex VAT) for business participants. 


This amount includes a private room, a private bathroom and all meals.



Frits Hermand and Robert Kramps



For more information or to register, please contact Robert Kramps:

M +31(0)6 29 45 8066

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