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MobiUs Foundation was established in 2007. From the start MobiUs has been involved in various initiatives to support societal development and the empowerment of people. Starting as a booster for the Dutch energy transition, its focus was on enabeling sustainable mobility for all.


From 2014 the focus changed to people development. Its first project was setting up a Learning Community Space in Rotterdam aimed at supporting social mobility of immigrants. Today, MobiUs focuses on building collaborative capacity in people, communities and organizations in order to help regenerate society. 


Regeneration is a process by which people, institutions, and materials evolve the capacity to fulfill their inherent potential in a world that is constantly changing around them.


Our shared purpose is to foster and nourish learning of people. In a way that draws out their inner wisdom, so that they can develop their own meaningful way to contribute to society.


Our special interest is in Commons initiatives. Many topics, such as the food supply, energy, water, care for nature, etc., were once part of a Commons: that which belongs to us together and what we take care of together. In our view this way of thinking makes an important contribution to improving our quality of living together. 


Safe, Secure and Caring are core values ​​we live by. Both in our offerings and in our approach to the development of people.


Growing people, to grow organizations, that grow society.



Robert Kramps

Robert, educated as a tax lawyer, developed a warm interest in human and organizational development at a young age. For 15 years he worked for international consultancy firms, Dutch government and as a trainer in non-violent communication. Since 2007 he is self-employed and delves deeply into the practice of Reiki and systemic development. His passion is to create regenerative organizations and support people in the accompanying development process.


MobiUs Foundation board members

​Robert Kramps (chairman)

Currently 2 vacancies

Financial support

MobiUs Foundation is privately funded. We welcome donations, legacies and capital, as they secure the long-term commitment needed for the issues we address. MobiUs Foundation is currently in the process of applying for a charity (ANBI) status. 


Chamber of commerce (KVK): 27303492


MobiUs Foundation

Stadhouderslaan 9 
2517 KV  The Hague
The Netherlands
Robert Kramps 

T: +31 (0)6 29458066


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