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 25 November 2022

Building Healthy Communities, workshop with Robert Kramps

Working with Regenerative Thinking – 2 days                             


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Many topics, such as the food supply, energy, water, care for nature, etc., were once part of a Commons: that which belongs to us together and what we take care of together.


Commons are once again in the spotlight and various initiatives, such as food forests and local energy projects, are being set up around this idea. When setting up Commons, the emphasis is often on the organizational form, the financing and the involvement of the environment or the neighbourhood.


Our approach to Commons is focussed on the people involved. How do you develop cooperation around a Commons in a natural way? This requires making contact with the core of what drives people and their real needs.


Our experience is that the quality and joy of the collaboration increases if this inner side is also given sufficient attention. This workshop therefore focuses on the question: how do you build a healthy foundation under a Commons initiative and how do you organize the collaboration around it in a natural way?


Questions that will be addressed include:

  • What is the core from which I build this initiative? How do I make that explicit?

  • How is the collaboration around the initiative evolving? And how do I pay attention to the convergence of different ambitions, without losing sight of the greater purpose of the Commons?

  • How do we build a culture that supports the above?

We work using the principles of Regenerative Development and the participants' own experience.


Regenerative development 
Regenerative work brings you back to the essence. It opens up to create space for new possibilities.

From a regenerative approach we see the world as a whole of living systems. By a system we mean, for example, a family, a company, a forest, a village, a valley, etc. Each system is also part of a larger system (eg yourself, within a family, part of a family). When you look at the world in this way, you see things in context and you act as part of a larger whole with many stakeholders, in which everyone has the opportunity to live his/her potential. This ability is inherent in humans, but not always consciously accessible.


This workshop aims to get acquainted with this way of thinking and working on the basis of your own cases and thereby discovering new angles.


For whom?

People who are enthusiastic about or involved in Commons initiatives,

who want to develop their own wisdom and skills and are looking for support from new angles. Off the beaten track. Based on equality and learning through exchange (no experts giving solutions).


The workshop helps to explore new perspectives and develop your capabilities, so that you gain clarity about the next step of the Commons, what you are involved in (or dream of) and how you can shape it.


Number of participants: minimum 2 maximum 6.


Host: Robert Kramps


Building Healthy Communities


Date : 25 and 26 November 2021; both days 9.30 am – 5 pm.


Price : for private individuals € 125, for business participants € 220 (ex VAT) Lunch included


Location: Stadhouderslaan 9, The Hague


For registration or more information: or 06 29 45 8066

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