Resourcing Commons 

MobiUs acts as a resource to help grow people and Commons initiatives.

Our starting point is the question: how to organize collaboration in a natural way and create joint movement in a way that energizes all involved?

In our view, this requires a Commons orientation: an inclusive way of looking at what we jointly take care of. Seeing things cohesively and as part of a living system in which all  stakeholders have a place.

We work individually or in groups.


In addition we created a developmental program called The Commons for people who are interested to participate in a peer learning program (see below).

Interested to get involved or to learn more, please get in touch

The Commons: growing people, to grow organisations that grow society 


There are many social issues that require a Commons orientation. A Commons is everything of shared and common interest. Think of healthy, sufficient and sustainable food, energy, water, care for nature, etc.

There are plenty of initiatives that have an original approach to this, but after a few years struggle to take the next step in their growth.

They don't really know how to take a next step and where to start. Their question is not clear either. They don't know what they don't know, just that they don't know something ...


They are at a crossroads: to stop or to continue?

For whom?

The program focuses on people that work from a Commons orientation. They can be recognized as follows:

  • People who aim to establish a new kind of initiative or organisation both in its goals and its way of working. Initiatives that through their service or products give customers the opportunity to express a new way of life: conscious, healthy and with care for the earth.

  • People who would like to create a place of work for co-workers who are looking for inspiration in their work and for whom conscious learning and personal growth is important.

  • People who are excited to develop their own wisdom and skills and are looking for support from new angles. Off the beaten track. Based on equality and learning through exchange (no experts who sell solutions).

The approach of the program is characterized by:

  • helping people reconnect with inner drives and passion

  • being a catalyst to open new perspectives and develop capabilities, so people get clarity about the next step of their endeavour and how to shape this 

  • working towards a work-culture that supports the above.

The offer

The Commons offers a tailor-made development program for each individual person and initiative.

From our network we make available a mix of people who support you from their own experience and enable participants to develop their capacities. No experts solving your questions for you.

This is structured in a Personal & Organizational Development trajectory of two years, to which the participant commits himself. In this way we aim to prevent "solution shopping" and "quick-fixes". We commit together. Main features of the program are:


  • 1: 1 sessions with Resources

  • Experience classes. In the experience classes, resources form our network and fellow entrepreneurs who participate in the program engage together with you. Peer learning is key. Suporting you in the personal and professional development you need in order to realise your next step. This is supplemented with peer review groups.

  • Reflection & Working Weeks. During two weeks abroad, you will work on your own endeavour, reflect on your self, mirror with colleagues and work on implementing new insights.

  • After the Reflection & Work Weeks, the program builds on the topics that have emerged for you personally, so that issues and possible solutions can be further explored.

If this appeals to you and you would like to learn more, you are welcome to get in touch.