Our perspective


In our view, many themes that are high on the social agenda today require a Commons orientation. By a Commons we mean: everything of shared and common interest such as care for the earth, clean water, healthy food, education, health care and energy provision.


People joining together in common causes show what people can do when working together. Those joining in shared interest are immediately stronger and learn what it is to be greater than a single individual.


We support the creation of small vibrant projects and organizations that work for the highest good of all and we initiate learning communities aimed at the development of the people involved.



Our offerings


Learning communities

MobiUs Foundation offers retreats and educational programs for people involved in commons projects, who wish to improve their capacity to initiate, lead and accelerate the development (and growth) of the projects they are involved in.


Our programs are aimed to awaken the inner wisdom of people, by exploring new perspectives, develop critical thinking and conscious awareness of self.


We like working with people from all nationalities and cultural backgrounds, enabling them to gain access to what they need to express their full potential.


If you want connect to people that are involved in Commons and to develop your capacity for personal leadership and the development of commons (communities), join us! 

Resourcing Commons

MobiUs is building a network of people that are willing to make their expertise and network available to support the development of Commons initiatives.

If you would like to join this network, please get in touch with us.