Frits Hermans

Frits, mathematical phycisist,1954. Worked for Shell for 25 years until age 49. Has a long-time fascination with insights in evolutionary psychology, social/emotional learning and social motives as related to fundamental change.
Keen to develop ways to deal with today's and tomorrow's societal challenges, as...'mobility for us all is key to any future whatsoever'. 


Robert Kramps

Robert, educated as a tax lawyer, developed a warm interest in human and organizational development at a young age. For 15 years he worked for international consultancy firms, Dutch government and as a trainer in inter-personal communication skills. Since 2007 he is self-employed and delves deeply into the practice of Reiki and systemic development. His passion is to create regenerative organizations and support people in the accompanying development process.


MobiUs Foundation

MobiUs Foundation was established in 2007. The name of the foundation means 'mobilise us'. Since then MobiUs has been involved in various initiatives to support societal development and the empowerment of social and personal mobility of people.

Our shared purpose is to foster and nourish learning of people. In a way that draws out their inner wisdom, so that they can develop their own meaningful way to contribute to society.

MobiUs Foundation board members

Frits Hermans (chairman)

​Robert Kramps (board member)

Financial support

MobiUs Foundation is privately funded. We welcome legacies and capital, as they secure the long-term commitment needed for the issues we address. MobiUs Foundation is currently in the process of applying for a charity (ANBI) status. 

Chamber of commerce (KVK): 27303492


Contact information
Hollanderstraat 46
2517 HK The Hague
The Netherlands
Robert Kramps 

T: +31 06 29458066