Courses and events 2021

APRIL 2021

Live design, the essence of commons development – 7 day retreat


In April 2021 MobiUs invites a small group of people (8 to 10 people) to spend a week exploring new perspectives around Commons and new ways to shape Commons.

The focus of this week is how to design new ways to collaborate. To realise collaborations that go across traditional boundaries - an essential key in the transition to more resilient communities.


In our view, many of the issues we face today require a Commons orientation (think of our food supply, clean water, energy supply, healthcare, urban development, etc.). 
MobiUs initiates and supports the development of Commons projects by initiating encounters between people in a nourishing environment. Safe, Secure and Caring are key values that we operate by. Both in our offerings and in the way we approach Commons development. 

Les Bergerons, France


April 2021

More information and registration details will be published soon.